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terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2009


While it doesn't take many chances, the U.K.-only Best of Bob Dylan is an adequate collection of familiar items -- "Blowin' in the Wind," "The Times They Are a-Changin'," "Mr. Tambourine Man," "Like a Rolling Stone," "Just Like a Woman," "All Along the Watchtower," "Lay Lady Lay," "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," "Forever Young," "Tangled Up in Blue," "Gotta Serve Somebody" -- highlighted by the inclusion of the alternate take of "Shelter From the Storm," which was originally released on the Jerry Maguire soundtrack. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide


1. Blowin' In The Wind
2. The Times They Are A-Changin'
3. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
4. Mr. Tambourine Man
5. Like A Rolling Stone
6. Just Like A Woman
7. All Along The Watchtower
8. Lay Lady Lay
9. I Shall Be Released (MGH/GH2 version)
10. If Not For You
11. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
12. Forever Young
13. Tangled Up In Blue
14. Oh, Sister
15. Gotta Serve Somebody
16. Jokerman
17. Everything Is Broken
18. Shelter From The Storm (Jerry Maguire version)

"Lay Lady Lay"

sábado, 21 de junho de 2008


After the monumental success of Bossa N´ Stones (an album that has revolutionized the Electronic Music market) and Bossa N' Marley (and many less-than-stellar imitators) comes the next Bossa flavor, this time with Hard Rockin' heroes, Guns 'N' Roses! The songs and sound of GnR are reinterpreted and reinvigorated, sounding new and fresh again! 14 tracks including 'Patience', 'Sweet Child O' Mine', 'November Rain' and others. Now you can finally do the Cha-Cha in 'Paradise City'!


1. Intro
2. Patience (Cool Wave Mix)
3. Sweet Child O' Mine
4. Paradise City (Vibes Edition)
5. November Rain (B&H Version)
6. You Could Be Mine
7. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
8. Since I Don't Have You
9. Don't Cry
10. Welcome to The Jungle (808 Remix)
11. It's So Easy
12. Used To Love Her
13. Live and Let Die (Rua Do Cosmos Mix)
14. Outro


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quarta-feira, 28 de maio de 2008


Musique Vol. 1 1993-2005 is an anthology by Daft Punk released on April 4, 2006. A special edition includes a bonus DVD with 12 music videos - two of which are new, "The Prime Time of Your Life" and "Robot Rock (Maximum Overdrive)". To save space on the audio CD, a few of the tracks are shorter edits. The song "Digital Love" appears only in the digital release and Japanese edition. The DVD edition was rated 15 by the BBFC.

The name of the album comes from "Musique", a song that was initially released as the B-side to "Da Funk". Although it was released before Daft Punk's debut album Homework, "Musique" was not intended for it. Thomas Bangalter pointed out that sales of "Da Funk" were greater than that of the album, so the majority of listeners would have attained the song through the former.[1] The song can also be found on the Wipeout XL video game soundtrack, which was released in 1996. A portion of "Musique" can be heard in the track "WDPK 83.7 FM" on Homework.


1. "Musique" – 6:53
2. "Da Funk" – 5:28
3. "Around the World" (Radio Edit) – 3:59
4. "Revolution 909" – 5:28
5. "Alive" – 5:16
6. "Rollin' & Scratchin'" – 7:28
7. "One More Time" (Short Radio Edit) – 3:56
8. "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" – 3:45
9. "Something About Us" – 3:51
10. "Robot Rock" – 4:47
11. "Technologic" (Radio Edit) – 2:46
12. "Human After All" – 5:19
13. Scott Grooves - "Mothership Reconnection" (Daft Punk Remix) (Edit) – 4:00
14. Ian Pooley - "Chord Memory" (Daft Punk Remix) – 6:55
15. Gabrielle - "Forget About the World" (Daft Punk Remix) – 5:45

"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"

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terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2008


Over these eleven perfectly crafted tracks, Lou showed us various little panoramas of Andy Warhol and The Factory, transvestitism, New York's [homosexual] scene, urban decadence, [narcotics] use and more in a wonderful blend of humour and irony and in a brilliantly diverse musical setting. The guitar-driven hard rock of Hangin' Round and Vicious is balanced by the subdued power of the poetic Perfect Day and the imaginative arrangements of Walk On The Wild side and Goodnight Ladies. Transformer is a literate, intelligent and enduring statement of an era and is one of the few albums of the glam-rock movement that has survived with its artistic integrity intact and that still has something to say today. David Bowie and Mick Ronson produced it with all the expertise they lent to the Ziggy Stardust album. But its varied styles, broader subject matter and feel of personal experience make it a better album than Ziggy Stardust. Unlike on most of Reed's other albums, there is great melodic variety too, and classic pop like the poignant Satellite of Love which by the way, is beautifully covered by Eurythmics on their Sweet Dreams video. It ought to have been as great a hit as Walk On The Wide Side! This most accessible album of Reed's was a deserved commercial success and spawned a million dreams.

2.Andy's Chest
3.Perfect Day
4.Hangin' Round
5.Walk on the Wild Side
6.Make Up
7.Satellite of Love
8.Wagon Wheel
9.New York Telephone Conversation
10.I'm So Free
11.Goodnight Ladies
12.Hangin' Round - (previously unreleased, acoustic demo, bonus track)
13.Perfect Day - (previously unreleased, acoustic demo, bonus track)
"Walk on the wild side"

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Nevermind is the second studio album by the American rock band Nirvana, released on September 24, 1991. Produced by Butch Vig, Nevermind was the group's first release on Geffen Records, which signaled its move away from Seattle-based independent record label Sub Pop. Front man Kurt Cobain sought to make music outside of the restrictive confines of the Seattle grunge scene, drawing influence from groups such as the Pixies and its use of loud/quiet song dynamics.
Nevermind was a surprise success by late 1991, largely due to the success of its lead single "Smells Like Teen Spirit". By January 1992 it had replaced Michael Jackson's album Dangerous at number one on the Billboard charts. Nevermind was responsible for bringing alternative rock to a large mainstream audience, and would subsequently be regarded as one of the best rock albums of all time.


1. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl) – 5:01
2. "In Bloom" – 4:14
3. "Come As You Are" – 3:39
4. "Breed" – 3:03
5. "Lithium" – 4:17
6. "Polly" – 2:57
7. "Territorial Pissings" – 2:22
8. "Drain You" – 3:43
9. "Lounge Act" – 2:36
10. "Stay Away" – 3:32
11. "On a Plain" – 3:16
12. "Something in the Way" – 3:55
"Stay Away"

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quinta-feira, 22 de maio de 2008


Montefiori Cocktail -- brothers Federico and Francesco Montefiori -- have made quite a stir in the music world with their delectable brand of lounge jazz. Their previous album, Raccolta No. 1, was hailed as a classic of the genre. And with this release, they have another winner on their hands. Re-Shaken: The Remix Album Project features 14 old favorites, each remixed by a different artist. The result is a sweet concoction indeed, with funky beats, groovy basslines, and jazzy melodies the main ingredients. It's all very familiar stuff, but also very fresh, original, and varied. There are a whole bunch of tunes that will stay in your head long after the record stops spinning, including "Lazy Busy" by the Easy Access Orchestra and Nicola Conte's "Sofisticata." Admittedly, the remix of "Sunny" by Los Chicharrons does sound a little kitsch, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

1. Lazy Bus [the Easy Access Orchestra Remix] - Easy Access Orchestra
2. I Feel Love [Fantastic Plastic Machine Remix] - Fantastic Plastic Machine
3. Crazy Beat [Cybophonie Drum'n'brass Remix]
4. On a Clear Day [Sunaga T Experience Remix]
5. Sunny [los Chicharrons Remix] - Los Chicharrons
6. Segretaria [readymade 524 Mix]
7. Sofisticata [Nicola Conte Soft Samba Strings Remix] - Nicola Conte
8. On a Clear Day [Gábor Deutsch Remix]
9. Je T'Adore [Daniele Luppi Remix] - Daniele Luppi
10. Crazy Beat [Claudio Coccoluto Remix] - Claudio Coccoluto
11. I Feel Love [le Hammond Inferno Krrrasss Remix] - Le Hammond Inferno
12. Hu Ah [Tommy Bass Remix] - Tommy Bass
13. Stanotte [Ursula 1000 Remix] - Ursula 1000
14. Lazy Busy [Spellband Remix] - Spellband
"Crazy Beat"

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quarta-feira, 21 de maio de 2008

THE VERY BEST OF UB40 - 1980 \ 2000

While the two previous Best of UB40 collections neatly divided the band's output between their more political early period and their later, covers-oriented pop success, they were also only ten tracks apiece. The Very Best of UB40 1980-2000 is the first comprehensive single-disc overview of the band's career, and it's a lot more generous at 18 tracks (on the American version). It isn't arranged chronologically, which actually helps the programming by splitting up the covers over the course of the running order. There's a bit more toughness to the earlier songs, both in the lyrics and the punchier performances. Yet in the end, the sonic differences are subtle enough that casual fans should still be able to enjoy them (unless they only want to hear the band performing reggae-pop versions of oldies they already know). Skimpy though it is, The Best of UB40, Vol. 1 is still the compilation for purists enamored of the band's early work, assuming they don't want to spend the money for the original albums. But with its fairly well-balanced selection and inclusion of all the band's U.S. hits, most American listeners who want a UB40 compilation will find The Very Best of UB40 1980-2000 exactly what they're looking for. [The import version juggles the track listing and running order a bit, excising a couple of Labour of Love II's American cover hits in favor of older songs and reggae covers of Jamaican origin. Also, the version of "Red Red Wine" is the shortened edit, without the toasting break at the end.] ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide


1. One In Ten
2. Red Red Wine
3. Kingston Town
4. Higher Ground
5. King
6. Cherry Oh Baby
7. I Got You Babe
8. Come Back Darling
9. Earth Dies Screaming
10. If It Happens Again
11. Don't Break My Heart
12. Can't Help Falling In Love
13. Watchdogs
14. Tell Me Is It True
15. Rat In Mi Kitchen
16. Homely Girl
17. Light My Fire
18. Bring Me Your Cup
19. Food For Thought
20. Sing Our Own Song
"Red Red Wine"

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segunda-feira, 19 de maio de 2008


Journey is an American rock band formed in San Francisco, California in 1973.
The band has gone through several phases since its inception by former members of Santana. The band's greatest commercial success came in the late 1970s through the early 1980s with a series of power ballads and songs such as "Don't Stop Believing", "Any Way You Want It", "Faithfully", "Open Arms", "Separate Ways", and "Wheel in the Sky."
Journey has been eligible for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame since 2000, but Gregg Rolie is currently the only member of Journey who has been inducted--as a member of parent band Santana. In 2009, Steve Perry, the band's best-known lead vocalist, will be eligible for induction as a solo artist.

Greatest Hits is the first compilation album by the rock and roll band Journey, released on November 15, 1988. The compilation is the band's biggest-selling CD/Album to date, selling over 15 million copies as of 2008.

01 - Only The Young
02 - Don't Stop Believin'
03 - Wheel In The Sky
04 - Faithfully
05 - I'll Be Alright Without You
06 - Any Way You Want It
07 - Ask The Lonely
08 - Who's Crying Now
09 - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
10 - Lights
11 - Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
12 - Open Arms
13 - Girl Can't Help It
14 - Send Her My Love
15 - Be Good To Yourself

" Don't Stop Believin' "

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domingo, 18 de maio de 2008


(The) Dark Side of the Moon (ou pela abreviatura DSotM; O "The" inicial é incluído em algumas versões do título) é um álbum conceptual de 1973 dos Pink Floyd, que fala sobre as pressões da vida, como tempo, dinheiro, guerra, loucura e morte.
É considerado por muitos fãs dos Pink Floyd como sendo a obra prima da banda, ultrapassando mesmo The Wall. O álbum foi um marco do rock progressivo com músicas que ‘passavam’ bem nas rádios, tais como “Money”, “Time”, e “Us and them”. O álbum é uma ponte entre o blues rock clássico e a nova (na altura) música electrónica. No entanto são os tons mais suaves e as nuances líricas e musicais que fazem com que este álbum seja uma obra à parte.
The dark side of the moon é o terceiro álbum mais vendido de todos os tempos no mundo inteiro. Atingiu o primeiro lugar no Billboard 200 e também no Billboard Pop Catalog Chart, tendo o híbrido SACD editado em 2003 atingido o mesmo feito.

01 - Speak To Me - Breathe
02 - On The Run
03 - Time
04 - The Great Gig In The Sky
05 - Money
06 - Us and Them
07 - Any Colour You Like
08 - Brain Damage
09 - Eclipse

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quinta-feira, 15 de maio de 2008


London Calling é o terceiro álbum da banda britânica punk rock The Clash.

Foi gravado em agosto de 1979 em Londres e lançado em dezembro, nos Estados Unidos foi lançado em janeiro de 1980.

Nessa época o The Clash era uma das melhores bandas punk britânicas, porém sua situação não era das melhores: a banda estava muito endeusada, sem produtor e em guerra aberta contra sua gravadora, CBS.

Durante a primavera e o verão de 1979, os guitarristas-vocalistas Mick Jones e Joe Strummer compuseram os temas que integraram o álbum no apartamento da avó de Jones, onde morava. Passaram três meses ensaiando os temas em uma garagem de Londres e, finalmente, gravaram o álbum duplo em agosto de 1979 nos estúdios Wessex. Foi produzido por Guy Stevens, que morreu pouco depois do lançamento do disco.

O título do álbum se refere a um programa da BBC de Londres durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial chamado "London Calling" ("Londres Chamando").

O conteúdo do disco é muito variado indo desde o punk lúgubre de "London Calling", indo para um ska em "Wrong 'em Boyo", passando por um disco em "Lost In Supermarket" e o rockabilly de "Rudie Can´t Fail". O conteúdo das letra é muito político, criticando o desemprego e as doenças da sociedade britânica.

A capa do álbum mostra Paul Simonon destruindo seu baixo durante um show em New York Palladium em 1979. Foi inspirada na capa do primeiro disco de Elvis Presley. "Train In Vain" não saiu nomeada no disco e a princípio era uma música oculta. Os fãs deram o nome de "Stand By Me" para a música. Quando a música chegou no Top 30 da Billboard, o álbum foi reeditado e Mick Jones, que tinha escrito a canção, sugeriu que ela se chamasse "Train In Vain". "Spanish Bombs" é uma homenagem à Espanha, derrotada na guerra civil, especificamente se referindo a Andaluzia, cidade que Joe Strummer ficou preso.


1. London Calling
2. Brand New Cadillac
3. Jimmy Jazz
4. Hateful s
5. Rudie Can't Fail
6. Spanish Bombs
7. The Right Profile
8. Lost In The Supermarket
9. Clampdown
10. The Guns Of Brixton
11. Wrong 'em Boyo
12. Death Or Glory
13. Koka Kola
14. The Card Cheat
15. Lover's Rock
16. Four Horsemen
17. I'm Not Down
18. Revolution Rock
19. Train In Vain

"London Calling"

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Lançado em 1991, o album "Achtung Baby", marcou a entrada em força dos U2 na década de 90 e transformou-se num dos melhores albums Rock de sempre! A banda irlandesa sempre nos habituou a músicas e letras de grande qualidade, o que não foi excepção neste grande album. Músicas como "One", "Even better than the real thing", "The fly", "Mysterious ways", "Who's gonna ride your wild horses" tornaram-se verdadeiros hinos da década de 90, e catapultaram ainda mais a banda para a já atingida fama e glória com os albums "The Joshua Tree" (em 1990) e "War" (também em 1990). A música "One", tornou-se num hino e num ícone que serviu para apoiar causas como a fome e a exclusão social, causas pelas quais a banda e em especial o vocalista Bono lutam contra. Não sei se ao fim de tantos anos será fácil encontrar este cd nas lojas, mas por muito difícil que seja encontrá-lo a procura valerá a pena, pois no final irão descobrir um verdadeiro tesouro da música. Este album é sem dúvida um grande clássico e é indispensável a qualquer amante de boa música.


1. Zoo Station
Even Better Than the Real Thing


Until the End of the World

Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

So Cruel

The Fly

Mysterious Ways

Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World

Ultra Violet (Light My Way)


Love Is Blindness


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PIXIES - Doolittle

Doolittle is the second studio album from the American alternative rock band Pixies, released in April 1989 on 4AD. The album's offbeat and dark subject material, featuring references to surrealism, Biblical violence, torture and death, contrasts with the clean production sound achieved by the then newly hired producer Gil Norton. Doolittle was the Pixies' first international release, with Elektra Records acting as the album's distributor in the United States.
The Pixies released two singles from Doolittle, "
Here Comes Your Man" and "Monkey Gone to Heaven," both of which were chart successes on the US Modern Rock Tracks chart. The album itself reached #8 on the UK Albums Chart; an unexpected success for the band. In retrospect, album tracks such as "Debaser," "Wave of Mutilation," and "Hey" are highly acclaimed by critics, while the album, along with Surfer Rosa, is seen as the band's strongest work.
Doolittle has continued to sell consistently well in the nineteen years since its release, and in 1995 was
certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. The album has been cited as inspirational by many alternative artists, while numerous music publications have ranked it as one of the most influential albums ever. A 2003 poll of NME writers ranked Doolittle as the second greatest album of all time.[2]

1. "Debaser"
2. "
3. "Wave of Mutilation"
4. "I Bleed"
5. "
Here Comes Your Man"
6. "
7. "
Monkey Gone to Heaven"
8. "Mr. Grieves"
9. "
Crackity Jones"
10."La La Love You"
11. "No. 13 Baby"
12. "There Goes My Gun"
13. "Hey"
14. "Silver" (Black Francis,
Kim Deal)
15. "
Gouge Away"

"Here Comes Your Man"

segunda-feira, 24 de março de 2008

Bob Marley - Exodus

Exodus é um álbum de
reggae lançado por Bob Marley & the Wailers a 3 de Junho de 1977. Grande parte de Exodus foi gravado em Londres, enquanto Marley recuperava de uma tentativa de assassinato. É considerado um dos melhores álbuns de Marley.
"Jamming," "Waiting in Vain" e "One Love/People Get Ready" foram todos hits nos tops internacionais. Exodus atingiu o 20º na tabela de "Álbuns Pop" da
Billboard, e 15º na de "Álbuns R&B/Hip-Hop". Outras importantes canções do álbum são "Natural Mystic" e "The Heathen".
Em 1998, a revista
TIME considerou Exodus o melhor álbum de música do século 20. Em 2001, a VH1 considerou-o como 26º melhor álbum de sempre. Em 2003, o álbum ficou em 169º na Lista dos 500 melhores álbuns de sempre da revista Rolling Stone.

1. Natural Mystic
2. So Much Things To Say
3. Guiltiness
4. The Heathen
5. Exodus
6. Jamming
7. Waiting In Vain
8. Turn Your Lights Down Low
9. Three Little Birds
10. One Love/People Get Ready